Create a Rental Contract

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Objective: Create a Rental Contract

Rental contracts allow you to keep your rental fleet activity organized and tighten up billing schedules, automatically. 


Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Go to the Rental Module from the welcome portal
  2. Click Contracts from the navigation bar.
  3. From the Rental Contract list, click Add New Contract.
  4. A new Contract Header screen will open. Fill in the following required fields:
    1. Select a company from the auto-fill list.
    2. Select an associated receivable account number.
    3. Select the jobsite location and the jobsite contact. 
    4. Select the contract type.
    5. Select the division, store, and cost center you'd like to assign.
    6. Modify the Start and Expected Return date
      • By default, this will be set to contract creation.
    7. Finally, select a Delivery and Pickup charge code
      1. The Delivery and Pickup amount can be left blank.
      2. Select Contract Charges if you'd like the pickup charge to be added to the final rental return bill.
    8. Click the Tax button to add tax rates per the appropriate jurisdiction. 
    9. Click Save and Close. Now, you can add equipment.

The contract header includes other fields, such as: (from top to bottom)

  1. PO and Customer Job Number
  2. Sales Representative
  3. Responsible 
    • Usually perceived as the responsible user for creating the contract
  4. Requested Delivery Date
  5. Cycle Bill Setup:
    1. Cycle Bill Code
      • Auto: Will automatically create the invoice on the next cycle bill end, sync with your financial provider, and email the customer invoice.
      • Manual: Will automatically create the invoice for your review in the finance module.
      • Disabled: Suspends cycle billing. No invoice will be generated at cycle bill end.
    2. Cycle Bill Period
      • 4 Week: Generates a cycle bill every 28 days.
      • Monthly: Generates a cycle bill every 30 days.
      • Weekly: Generates a cycle bill every 7 days.
    3. Cycle Bill Period Qty - Determines the frequency of the period in digits. For example: 
      • Setting the period to 'Monthly' and setting Period Qty to 2, means cycle bill every 2 months, or 60 days.
      • Setting the period to 'Weekly' and setting Period Qty to 4, means cycle bill every 4 weeks. 
  6. Damage Waiver (applies to this contract only)
  7. Insurance Confirmed

Next Steps

Add equipment to the rental contract

Add or edit a rental rate chart for equipment

Create or edit a rental charge code

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